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  While technology is taken over the usual norms of creating things and improving lifestyle, there are certain things that are still appreciated when done in a conventional way. The latest methods of doing things mostly involve machines and appliances that reduce human effort and take less time. However, things that are manually done take a lot of the time, effort, and energy but the outcome or the end result is far better than the machine-made things. Shoes are one of those things that have an increased worth when made by hand instead of machines. This is why people look for the handmade tag on the footwear to ensure a worthy and full quality purchase.


Vintage Leather Oxford Lace up Shoes

Vintage Leather Oxford Lace-up Shoes (3 Colors Available)

Handmade Leather Oxford Lace up Shoes for Men

Handmade Leather Oxford Lace-up Shoes for Men  (2 Colors Available)

Mens Handmade Leather Oxford Dress Shoes Formal Lace up Shoes

Mens Handmade Leather Oxford Dress Shoes Formal Lace-up Shoes (2 Colors Available)

Men's Handmade Leather Modern Classic Lace up Leather Lined Perforated Derby Shoes-Display

Men’s Handmade Leather Modern Classic Lace up Leather Lined Perforated Derby Shoes (3 Colors Available)

Handmade leather shoes are not only a pair of shoes but also an artwork

  Handmade leather shoes have a tendency to be more costly as compared to the regular footwear, but they’re really very much preferred for various reasons. For one, they could be redone to your mind’s content. Moreover, this footwear is delivered from great materials, and dissimilar to the shoes that are created in mass, carefully assembled footwear goal more importance on quality and part. Handmade leather shoes are additionally made by ace skilled workers who get worked up about each and every small factor, making sure that the footwear is carefully fit to fulfill your prerequisites. The handmade leather shoes are just not a pair of shoes but they are also a piece of artwork.

A Touch of Class:

  Wearing handmade texture made footwear oozes an aura of class and elegance. People know you are a person of design and substance. Significantly, leather footwear never goes out because of their design. It is classic footwear that you could wear on any occasion whenever. Impressive custom leather shoes radiating class and advancement will enable you in leaving an enduring impression in the minds of individuals you meet.

Unique Designs:

  You’ll discover different assortments of a carefully assembled pair of shoes manufactured in various designs in the market. The most part of the designs is extraordinary as they’re made by the requests of customers. The readymade pair of shoes is bad for the individuals experiencing unique medicinal conditions. In the event that you’re experiencing level feet problem, made-to-quantify footwear is an ideal choice for you. The individuals experiencing level foot needs footwear prepared by specific particulars. This is viewed as mainly an ideal approach to accomplish satisfaction and best performance.

Comfortable Fit:

  Nothing could be more bothering than wearing a sick fitting pair of shoes. As you no doubt see effectively, in light of the fact that shoes have a similar size doesn’t mean they will fit in the same way. Since various materials are used, a few shoes will feel loose or tightly. This truly is the place the immense distinction lies amongst ordinary and handmade footwear; the latter is sure to suit the most as the handmade leather shoes are tailor-made to each customer.

  The correct fit as well as the dazzling nature of material gives the feet breath room short the inclination that the footwear isn’t tight adequate. Sick fitting shoes can be to a great degree agonizing particularly should you choose to walk a considerable measure and it could even outcome in blisters and calluses. Therefore, the handmade shoes are a piece of artwork with all the fine details.

Timeless and Natural:

  The amazing leather handmade shoes are classics and you can never turn out badly with them. They are produced using naturally sourced material and are upscale. The processing plant delivered ones appear to be identical with no uniqueness. The handmade leather shoes are made by ace skilled workers from the best quality full grain leather. Consequently, these shoes have an extraordinary finish with fastens and soles which can seldom be normal from the mass created shoes.

  In the event that you’re searching for a pair of carefully assembled shoes, look on the online search engines. There’re a lot of websites that offer designer handmade shoes as well as that too at moderate cost.

Why are handmade shoes expensive

The handmade shoes are expensive for a lot of the reasons which are quite and justify its high price. Some of the reasons for the handmade shoes being expensive include:

  1. It takes around 3-4 days to make a single pair of shoes by hand stitching whereas the machines are capable of making a number of shoes in a single day.
  2. It is extremely difficult to sew leather by hand with the help of a machine because the shoe’s lining and support from the soles totally depend on the sewing quality.
  3. The inner and outer sole of the shoe takes a lot of the effort for the maker to sew it from the inside as well to ensure a quality product.
  4. Handmade shoes are dyed with a particular method that keeps the shoe color durable after a prolonged use.

How are handmade shoes made

  The handmade shoes are made following some specific steps which are necessary for shoemaking without a machine operated process. Here is a step-by-step guide of how handmade shoes are made.

  1. Firstly, the design of the shoes is made on a rough paper to have an idea of what equipment will be required in its making.
  2. After that, the design is properly made on a hard sheet with proper dimensions measured with the right accessories.
  3. Then the leather is cut according to the design in patterns.
  4. The leather is then glued and stitched together, whatever is needed.
  5. It takes hours to sew the leather or the stick to dry up after being done.
  6. The welt is then sewed to the outer and inner soul to ensure a supportive shoe design.
  7. The final step involves polishing and finishing of the shoes by rubbing the sole from here and there to make sure that there is nothing left for any sort of uncertainty in its construction.

How to Take Good Care of Your Leather Shoes

  In spite of the fact that the leather shoes seem to be a long lasting piece of the footwear, everyday wear and tear could really hurt them. However, don’t fuss; here are some simple and easy tips that will enable you to take good care of the leather shoes.

Try not to store them in case

  Keeping the leather shoes on the shoe rack or in open is dependably an extraordinary thought. Abstain from putting away them in the container for a long time as moistness could damage the leather.

When the shoes are wet, dry them quickly

  Water could be unsafe to the leather shoes. A fast cure is to make use of the daily paper to stuff the shoes and allow them to dry. Try not to keep the wet shoes close to a warmer as the shoes could dry quickly in this manner breaking the leather.

Do not wear them daily

  We understand that you may feel extremely comfortable in the leather shoes yet offering them a break is critical. Try not to wear them persistently for quite a long time, let them relax.

Clean them with care

Soak a piece of cloth in the warm water and clean off all the dirt from the shoes. At that point let them to dry up normally, keep your leather shoes away from sunlight.

Use the shoe trees

  Shoe trees are an unquestionable requirement in the event that you need your dearest shoes to last. Pick shoe trees prepared of cedar wood; they retain the dampness as well as keep up the state of the leather shoe, taking leather to its unique shape as the leather shoes dry.

Use leather conditioner occasionally

  The skin gets the nourishment from the body yet leather can just get by with the support that you give. Leather shoes, because of your significant dosage everyday schedule, endure wear and tear. Leather has a tendency to lose its dampness, natural oils as well as flexibility which prompts splits on shoes. Subsequently using a good conditioner twice in a month is vital.

Polish leather shoes

  We propose to get wax polish which influences the surface of shoes to sparkle, without entering through the leather. A wax clean makes a covering over the shoes and offering the appropriate measure of shine that is necessary. Just to have a perfect shine, wipe the leather shoes with a small piece of nylon cloth and what you accomplish is a just right shine.