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Alligator shoes, men’s alligator skin shoes for sale, all these genuine alligator skin shoes are free shipping worldwide. We only offer high-quality and high-end alligator skin shoes to our consumers.

VANGOSEDUN’s alligator shoes are manufactured and handcrafted by skilled and professional craftsmen. Since they are unrepeatable and unique, it means to say that they hold no similarities to other brands. There are colors and choices that can just meet your unique and personal taste.

At VANGOSEDUN we want you to have a fun, effortless, and enjoyable shopping experience on our site. Our motto is “Authentic exotic skin shoes at unbeatable prices” and our goal is to create the finest, and well-crafted exotic shoes.

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Alligator Shoes for Sale

Alligator shoes are basically manufactured through the use of hides of alligators. Due to the fact that the alligator is known to be a rare animal, many people regard the shoes made from alligator skin as something extraordinary.

Alligators have already existed and thrived on the planet Earth for so many years. They are even more considered as the closest living relatives of dinosaurs. Endowed and known for their tough skins, alligators are truly remarkable in their own way.

Actually, shoes manufactured of an alligator material have been practically known to be indestructible. Apart from the fact that alligator shoes are recognized around the world, alligator handbags, fashion wallets, and belts are also known in the fashion industry.

Moreover, alligator hides are highly durable and tough. This is the very reason why alligator shoes have become more popular. They have been classified to withstand all the damages brought by the weather which is just like an alligator living in the wild.

Now, if you buy a pair of alligator shoes, it only means that you are making a lifetime investment. There are men who fancy buying alligator shoes because of the imaginative and unique craftsmanship employed in them. Some have really been unmatched by others. They can range from fancy party wear to standard wear and they are available for all occasions and events.

What people also have not realized is that the Alligator shoes are handcrafted while the interiors possess soft leather material which brings out maximum comfort. These have also come in many different designs, colors, and styles. They can also simply be matched well to men’s shirts, ties, and suits. They will stay looking sleek and new throughout the years of the wear and tear process. That’s simply because of the way that the alligator leather has been crafted and designed. We are actually using a specialized and unique tanning technique rather than the cheap technique.

With complete leather linings, high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship, the alligator shoes can be a wonder. They have also been preferred by many for their impressive and unique appeal. The appearance, finish, and quality is the essential factors that make these shoes most favored and renowned among other choices. Their intricate patterns have also simply attracted people to buy them.

Above all, alligator shoes are available in 2 types of finishes―the semi-gloss or safari gloss and the classic high-gloss. The latter is historically linked with the luxury quality exotic leather and is more processed. The safari finish is even more popular because of its more natural and subdued semi-gloss look.

Why Do Men Need a Pair of Alligator Shoes

Why do you think men need a pair of alligator shoes? This is answered by the fact that they have been chosen as the most sought-after fashion shoes today. Considering the quality and premium alligator leather material used, it can be said that alligator shoes are really a must-have for men. Since they can be in service for more than 10 years, it only means to say that it will be enough for one to buy a pair of them. Below are all other essential reasons why men need a pair of alligator shoes.

. Unique Appeal – Alligator shoes are the best pair of shoes to choose from for their distinct and unique appeal. They are much recognized for their unique appearance, quality, and finish. These are all contributing factors why men need a pair of alligator shoes and why they are highly favored among other varieties.

. Gives you a Rich Chic Look – Almost all men would want to create a good impression on society and on all women out there. Now, if they have a pair of alligator shoes, they could give a rich chic look which is not usually brought by other kinds of shoes. Nevertheless, the rich colors and intricate patterns are all other essential things to check out for.

. Alligator Shoes are Nicer – It is true that alligator shoes are really nice pairs of shoes. Apart from the fact that they are a nicer pair of shoes, they are also impressive which is why men need them for any occasion or event.

. Last a Long Time – Given the necessary care and maintenance, the alligator shoes are expected to last for a long time. This is one reason that makes it a must-have pair of shoes to buy on the market. This is one of the strong points of alligator shoes that set them different from the rest.

. Source of Pride to Men – Almost everybody would agree that a pair of alligator shoes is a source of pride to men. This is something that will boost their self-esteem because it makes them outstanding.

. Enhances the Status of Men – If you compare a pair of alligator shoes with a pair of shoes made from cow skin or other mammal skin, it surely is a lot better. This is because it enhances the status of men. The pleasing colors, elegant textures, and exotic finishes make it a better option among the shoe selections.

. Comfortable to Wear – Alligator shoes are very comfortable to wear. Thus, it’s understandable that there is no discomfort that is felt right after wearing them for over a long time.

. Satisfies the Style Requirements of Men – Men do really need to have a pair of alligator shoes. This is because it can meet their style requirements. The global customers appreciate alligator shoes as part of their collection for them to look trendy and fashionable.

Alligator Shoes Buying Guide

Fashion truly comes and goes. But, exotic leather is among those things that really stay. Alligator skin is an exotic leather that varies in cost, texture, and appearance. It is also one of the most expensive and most common of all exotic leathers. If you are very much interested in having a pair of alligator shoes, reading this buying guide is essential.

Buy Only Authentic Alligator Shoes

When you buy alligator shoes, make sure that you consider one that is manufactured from authentic alligator skin. Actually, cheap looking alligator shoes are made through the use of a non-exotic leather material wherein machines emboss scales.

With regard to the original alligator scales, they usually come in unique sizes and shapes. Embossed leather is not as expensive as the original leather. In general, all alligator shoes have been manufactured by dividing three to five pieces of alligator leather.

In considering top-quality shoes, the leather is just a thin top layer that is utilized which is extremely elastic and flexible.

Buy One that Matches your Personal Preference

When you buy alligator shoes, make sure that they match your personal preference. They usually are introduced in different patterns and colors that make them visually appealing and impressive. They also undergo a high level or high standard of manufacturing that leads them to be on top quality shoes.

Search for Symmetry in the Pattern of Scales

When you plan to buy alligator shoes, you need to take a closer look at the symmetry in the pattern of scales. Even if it is no longer needed, it only means to say that such strict and meticulous care in manufacturing needs to be kept in mind. This will link to the quality of the product that you received.

Experiment to Buy Only the Best

It will be a good idea to experiment and see exactly what suits your outfit best. There are lots of choices of alligator shoes for you to choose from. If you want to carry a stylish look, you may try out one and experiment further to complement the perfect dress.

How to Take Good Care of Your Alligator Shoes

Alligator shoes are popular with both men and women who have eyes for luxurious accessories. The skins of the alligator are one of the most beautiful leathers. They are also capable of withstanding harsh weather and they can last in tip-top shape even up to a lifetime.

Of course, to ensure that your alligator shoes last for a long, long time, they need proper care. If not, the luxurious appearance and the flexibility of alligator shoes diminish drastically. You can prevent this by ensuring you give your alligator shoes special care and attention.

Preventing Damage

In terms of proper care, the first thing you need to do is to learn the ways you can prevent damage. To prevent damage, avoid exposing your alligator shoes to direct sunlight or rain. Direct exposure to these two can cause damage to the alligator skin with direct sunlight and heat causing the loss of your shoes’ natural sheen.

With rain and other sources of water, they can become a cause for the leather to crack. If you accidentally spilled water on your alligator shoes, make sure to dry them gently using a soft and absorbent cloth. After wiping the water, leave your alligator shoes to air dry naturally.

Caring for Your Alligator Shoes

To ensure your alligator shoes remain in their best condition, proper maintenance is important. With proper care, you can keep your shoes durable and flexible while the leather is preserved in its healthy condition. In caring for your alligator shoes, you need to first take leather cleaning products and materials. This is especially true for alligator skin. If the product used is not special for alligator skin, it might just end up damaging your shoes.

Cleaning your alligator shoes

Always use a soft cloth when cleaning your alligator shoes. When using cleansers or conditioning products, it is important to test them out first on the less noticeable part of the leather to see if it reacts. In this way, you can be sure that no serious damage is done on your alligator shoes.

In keeping your shoes looking new

The use of white polish helps your alligator shoes shine. It effectively enhances the appearance of the alligator skins. However, you must remember to replace the oils and compounds from the polish. You need this done in order to make sure your alligator shoes continue to look brand new.

Remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants

In removing contaminants on your luxury shoes, using a dry cloth first to wipe them away is essential. Next, use a slightly damp cloth to remove fine particulates such as the sand. Following these methods, you can make the cleaning process easier. However, since you used water, you have to dry and treat your alligator shoes with conditioner later on to reduce the possibility of damage.

Through proper care of your alligator shoes, you can ensure that they will remain beautiful for all the years to come. Following the care tips mentioned above, you can help prolong your luxury shoes’ life. You will always feel satisfied with wearing such stylish and durable exotic shoes.