About the Alligator

  The alligators are reptiles that are classified as Crocodylia. They are similar to the crocodiles in several; ways and they are commonly confused by many people. However, it is important to note the two are different reptiles. If you look at the alligator closely and compare it with the crocodile, you will notice the alligator has a wide rounded snout and is black in color. When the mouth of the alligator is closed, you will notice the teeth come out and can be seen. For the crocodiles, the not all teeth are visible you only see the fourth tooth in the lower jaw when the mouth is closed. The crocodile’s snouts are narrow and pointed, and they appear greyish in color.


Different Alligator Types

  There are two different types of alligators, and you will notice the difference by looking at the size. There is the Chinese alligator and the American Alligator. The American alligator is larger in size, and the Chinese alligator is usually smaller in size. The American alligator length will grow for up to 11.2 feet which translates to 3.4 meters. They will also weigh up to around 455-460 kilograms, and therefore very heavy. The Chinese alligators are small in length and weigh fewer kilos. The approximate length of the Chinese alligators is 1.5 meters, and they will weigh up to 22.7 kilos.

So Where Do Alligators Live?

  You might also want to know where the alligators will live. Nowadays, we have the conservation centers where they are conserved, and a good example of the zoo where you can see the American Alligator is Smithsonian Zoo. The American alligator is commonly found in South America which is mostly the North Carolina and Texas. Apart from the conservation centers, you will also see the alligators living in rivers and ponds or in swampy areas just like their cousins the crocodiles.

  With the Chinese alligators, they are mostly found in Eastern China, and there is a conservation center at the Saint Louis Zoo. They will be found in the swamps, rivers, the lakes, and the rivers. However, most of the alligators that were found in these places were moved to the Zoo conservatory place which is a small area in Yangtze River basin near the Pacific Ocean. The areas where they lived have been converted and put into agricultural use.

American crocodile

What Do They Feed On?

  The alligators will choose their diet. Being reptiles, they are carnivorous, and therefore they are after prey. They will look for fish in the rivers, small mammals, birds, and also other reptiles. Although we said they are carnivorous, they will also feed in some fruits and nuts.

  The alligators mating season is usually in June, and that is when the males will dig under the mud to lay eggs. The female Chinese alligator will lay up to fifty eggs in a go. However, the American alligator lays lesser eggs. The alligator skin is used to make shoes and also some leather bags. Next time you go shopping for shoes, ask for the alligator shoes they are durable.

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