What You Need To Know When Choosing Oxford Shoes

  Oxford shoes have been worn since the 18th century when they became common. To date, they are a fancy kind of shoe that you will find in most entrepreneurs and men who value classical footwear. The good thing about the oxford shoes is that they will also match well with selected casual wear as long as you choose the right oxford shoes.

  Therefore it is important to make sure that you confirm the type of your shoe when wearing it for casual occasions. The same applies even when wearing them to a fancy event or a special meeting. So how will you choose the right oxford shoe to wear for different occasions and also different looks? Keep reading to find out.

  There are different types of oxford shoes, and therefore you need to know the different types so as to make sure you wear them with the right pants and also to make sure you are in the right shoes for that occasion. So what are the different available types?

Wine Red Leather Oxford Shoes

The Closed Race or Open Lacing Shoe

  There are two types of racing that are used on the oxford shoes. We have closed and open lacing. The open lacing shoe is where the part where the races are fed is designed like it can be removed from the shoe and it is on the open upper side of the shoes. The closed racing shoes you will not be able to identify the racing part. So whether you should wear the open or closed racing shoe floats in the air, and it is essentially up to you. Therefore, you can have a look at the two designs and decide as per your taste. Nevertheless, I would suggest the closed lacing design for the more official look and the open lacing for a casual look. However, this is not a general rule you can as well try the open lacing for an official look.

The Plain Toe Oxford or Capped Toe Oxford Shoe

  The plain toe oxford is the oxford shoe that will not have any design at the front. The shoe is plain from the lacing to the toes, and there is absolutely no design there. The capped toe shoe has a cap like design that is covering the toes and therefore the name. When deciding to wear the capped toe shoe or the plain toe shoe, you should consider the type of trousers you will wear with the shoes. A plain trouser will go better with a capped toe, and the checked trouser can be worn with plain toe oxford shoes.

Brown Leather Oxford Shoes

Wingtip Oxford Shoes

  These are less formal shoes and more casual. In fact, they can be worn with denim jeans or when you want a less official look at the office. They have a perforated design that is M-shaped and flower-like perforations at the toes. This is why they are more of casual wear than official.

  When choosing the oxford shoes, there is not much consideration to make, you just have to make sure they will match the look.

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