What Every Man Should Know about Boat Shoes

   Traditionally, the boat shoes were meant for the sailors, and that is where the name came from. This is because the sailors were always expected to be in boat shoes when on their boat. This was because the shoes were made of light rubber sores and leather and were comfortable to wear without socks.

   Nowadays, the boat shoes have become a trendy wear among men, and therefore you will find them in most men`s wardrobe. They are nice casual wear and can be worn with most pants or even a pair of shorts. For this reason, they have become very common wear. Here are the do`s and don’ts of boat shoes that men should always know when buying them and wearing them so as to make sure you buy the right boat shoe and also to make sure you look trendy when wearing them.

Boat Shoes

Do Wear Boat Shoes to the Beach

   They look classic if worn as you walk along the beach line. Therefore, you can try them on a sunny Saturday afternoon to the beach. Wear them with your beach shorts and light shirt together with sunglasses and steal the moment when you go partying at the beach. Don’t wear them on a rainy day or during winter.

You Can Wear them to the Office

   However, you have to make sure your manager will not penalize you for wearing casual wear to a meeting. As long as you work in a casual environment, these are trendy and are accepted in the office. You can wear a color that matches well with your belt and the jacket if you like wearing the blazer it will be classical look. Don’t wear them with jeans; they are better if worn with denim fabrics. On jeans, they will look weird so avoid making a statement.

You Can Wear Them While on Travel

   If the temperatures are cool, the boat shoes are good to wear when traveling a long distance. The fact that they are made from soft rubber, and light leather makes them overall light to carry on your feet for an extended period. Therefore whether on a bus to Istanbul or on a flight to California, they are comfortable and can always be worn for travel. Don’t wear them with visible socks though. They don’t look nice when worn with visible socks.

Brown Boat Shoes

Don’t Wear Them for Black Tie Events

   This is when you need a very official look for a fancy occasion. The boat shoes are better if worn during casual meetings and also during non-official duty. Unless you are attending a casual event, avoid them as much as you can for those fancy occasions.

   If you are a fan of the boat shoes, you know how naughty they can get if worn for a prolonged period of time. Therefore you should avoid those shameful moments where an odd odor is in the room immediately you come in. everybody will know who it is. Clean them at least after wearing them twice.

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